City Facts:

Population: 977,572
Metro Area: Tokyo, 37 million
Near Narita Airport and Tokyo Disney

Chiba City (Chiba), a major port and industrial center, anchors the eastern Tokyo metro area. Chiba has close to one million residents, over 100,000 of whom commute the 20 miles to Tokyo for work and school, and it is the capital of Chiba Prefecture, a populous region home to both Tokyo Disney Resort and Narita International Airport. As the city industrialized, it grew to become a center of military production, which led the United States to bombard it to near-total destruction in World War II. Chiba today heads a major industrial zone formed in part by 40 square miles of land reclaimed from Tokyo Bay.

As is common in the Tokyo metro area, even by Japanese standards Chiba Prefecture residents spend uncommonly long hours at work, at school, or in transit, and accordingly few hours sleeping. The city also stands out even in the Tokyo area for its large and prominent sex district, located just a few hundred yards from the main station. Mustard Seed Network plans to plant a gospel-centered church in Chiba for the city's hundreds of thousands of gospel-needy people to find rest and comfort in Christ and in Him alone.


Mustard Seed Network has a goal of planting 12 churches in 12 major Japanese cities by 2025. Chiba is one of those 12 cities. Donate below or learn more about our 12 Churches in 12 Cities campaign.




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