City Facts:

Population: 1,199,369
Metro Area: Hiroshima, 2.0 million

Hiroshima City (Hiroshima), a growing city of over one million people, is Japan’s foremost proponent of world peace. Though the city was once a major military-industrial center, following the devastation of the atomic bomb its economy was reconstructed without a trace of its martial history, and it remains the head of not only its metro area but two surrounding regions. Those regions are home to a diverse group of people speaking several different dialects of Japanese, many of whom have begun to move to Hiroshima thanks to strong job prospects, the convenience of the city, and the nearby natural beauty.

In typical Japanese fashion, residents of Hiroshima harbor little animosity toward Americans, preferring instead in a pursuit of peace and harmony to remember the horrors of war without casting blame. But without greatly increased church-planting efforts, the vast majority of them will end their lives without making peace with God, simply because they have never heard of him. Mustard Seed Network plans to plant a gospel-centered church in Hiroshima so its millions may be reconciled to God through the work of Jesus Christ.


Mustard Seed Network has a goal of planting 12 churches in 12 major Japanese cities by 2025. Hiroshima is one of those 12 cities. Donate below or learn more about our 12 Churches in 12 Cities campaign.