City Facts:

Population: 3,741,317
Metro Area: Tokyo, 37 million

Yokohama, Japan’s second-largest city, lies on west Tokyo Bay just 15 miles south of the center of Tokyo. The nearly four million people in Yokohama, nearly 500,000 of whom commute to Tokyo each day, constitute a population roughly equal to that of Los Angeles in only a third of the area. After 250 years of Japanese isolation, in 1859 the port of Yokohama became one of the first opened to foreign countries, opening the city to then unprecedented foreign exchange. The telephone, modern running water, gas, railroads, photography, ice cream—all were first introduced to Japan in Yokohama.

Yet despite the wide impact of many of Yokohama’s firsts, one first has yet to catch on. Though the city was the site of Japan’s first Protestant church (and the first of any kind since the ban of Christianity in 1597), today just a tiny fraction of Yokohama’s millions have opened themselves to receive the Lord Jesus. Therefore, with so few having even heard of his great worth, Mustard Seed Network has begun preparing to launch a gospel-centered church in Yokohama so that the knowledge of the glory of God may spread in the city and in Japan.



Mustard Seed Christian Church - Yokohama

A team is assembling and making preparations to launch Mustard Seed Yokohama with a gospel-proclaiming worship service.



Church Planters

Patrick and Ellen McGinty

Patrick and Ellen McGinty